Camberwell shoplifter stole from Sainsburys to pay for heating bill

Admin (18 February, 2015)

A 43-year-old has pleaded guilty to stealing from a supermarket.

166Camberwell Green Magistrates' Court (Credit: Secret London)

A man, who tried to walk out of a supermarket without paying for £228.78 worth of groceries, has received a conditional discharge.

Darren Bond, 43, of Northlands Street, Camberwell, pleaded guilty to theft from a shop after the incident at Sainsbury’s in Dog Kennel Hill on January 28.

His solicitor said that his client had fallen on hard times and was trying to make money by selling on some of the food.

He said: “It is very cold in London where he lives and he needed the money for the heating.”

He was also trying to save up to buy a cooker.

Bond had been released from prison in November. A representative from the Prisoner Advice and Care Trust, an organisation who helps prisoners upon their release, spoke in his defence.

He said: “This is a one-off and he will rebuild himself. I’m very impressed with the guy, he’s exceeded my expectations.”


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