Campaigners force U-turn over Brockwell Lido plastic lining

Katherine Johnston (09 October, 2019)

Swimmers feared the lining would ruin the Art Deco design

32566Brockwell Lido (c) google street view

Campaigners have successfully stopped Herne Hill’s Brockwell Lido from being given a plastic lining they said would ruin the heritage of the Art Deco building.

Fusion, which runs the centre, said after swimmers made their views loud and clear, the option to re-line the pool had been shelved and a full restoration would go ahead instead.

A petition against the plastic has so far gained 410 signatories on

The group Brockwell Lido Lovers, wrote on their petition, which has so far gained 415 signatories: “Anyone who swims in Brockwell Lido knows that it is a magical experience; it gives you a small sense of the wild even in the middle of London.

“Looking down at the floor of the pool as you swim does not need to be a sanitised experience.”

A planning application, submitted to Lambeth Council, listed the work as necessary to modernise the Grade II listed pool, including adding underwater lighting.

A Fusion spokesperson told the News as a result of overwhelming opposition they would ditch the cheaper lining: “Improvements to the swimming pool at Brockwell Lido are undertaken as part of Fusion’s ongoing investment into the facility.

“Not surprisingly, for a building of such age and exposure to extreme conditions, a full refurbishment is required on the pool.

“We have been in consultation with users and key stakeholders for a number of months and it has been concluded the preferred option is to fully refurbish and paint the pool.

“This option allows for less disruption for the pool closure and is in line with the same works carried out several years ago.”


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