Can these two Bermondsey men help you ‘manifest your true desires’?

Kit Heren (24 October, 2021)

Some people have criticised 'manifestation' as pseudoscience

49224Ted Lawlor (left) and Rob Hisee (right)

Two Bermondsey men have published a book that claims to help you “manifest your true desires.”

Rob Hisee and Ted Lawlor, who both grew up in the area and continue to live there, are selling their “revolutionary guided journal” that claims to help readers achieve what they want in life through the power of positive thinking.

Manifestation – the idea of thinking positively to make positive things happen in your life – has grown in popularity in recent years. Celebrities like talk show host Oprah Winfrey and actor Jim Carrey have endorsed the concept, but it has also regularly been criticised as pseudo-science.

Rob, who describes himself as the UK’s top unconscious mind therapist, dismissed this. “It ain’t no hocus-pocus,” he said. “It’s based on science.”

He went on: “People who don’t believe in it – are they having a great life? Are they living in an emotional state of freedom?

“You might not believe in the law of gravity, but you’re still going to hit the f*cking floor.”

Is Bermondsey Rob a miracle man?

He wrote the book with Ted, 23, who said he got interested in the idea after suffering from depression.

Ted, who grew up near the Blue market, said: “I was manifesting without even realising. There were times when I was standing on the train station with my feet over the platform, because I was depressed from work. Rob told me about it. Ever since then it’s changed my life.”

Rob provided much of the content for the book while Ted, who has a first-class degree in marketing, put it together and designed it. “He’s mustard at computers,” Rob said. “I’m dyslexic and he’s good at grammar.”

The News previously reported on Rob curing a woman’s debilitating agoraphobia and anxiety with one of his three-hour therapy sessions.

The Manifestation Journal is published on November 9. If you would like to learn more about the book or pre-order click here.



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