Canada Water station named among lockdown busiest

Josh Salisbury (20 May, 2020)

Tfl urged people to avoid changing between the Overground and Jubilee Line wherever possible

30614Canada Water station

TfL has urged commuters to avoid changing trains at Canada Water tube wherever possible, as it named the station one of the busiest during lockdown.

The organisation released a list of twenty stations which are the busiest during peak hours under lockdown, to encourage commuters to seek routes where it is easier to socially distance.

The government advises that public transport should be avoided where possible and only used if strictly necessary.

For Canada Water, TfL recommends: “You are advised, where possible, to avoid using the station during the busiest times by taking the most direct route.”

This is because much of the station use comes from passengers switching between the Jubilee Line and Overground.

London Bridge tube station is also named by the authority as among the lockdown busiest, particularly at its entrance.

It is advising passengers to expect to queue to enter, “so that we can maintain the national 2m social distancing wherever possible.”

The 2m rule means the capacity of trains and tubes are constrained, which can lead to apparent busyness in stations, even when fewer passengers than ever are undertaking journeys on public transport.

Speaking on Monday, Southwark and Lambeth Assembly Member, Florence Eshalomi, said: “Going forward, we need stronger and clearer guidance from the Government to ensure employers also take responsibility and only ask their staff to commute in if absolutely necessary and safe to do so.”


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