Canavan’s closes permanently after 10pm curfew and ‘no rent reduction’ leaves club with ‘no way to survive’

Katherine Johnston (25 September, 2020)

'After paying my rent every quarter on time for the past ten years this is a very hard pill to swallow' - says owner Kieran Canavan

11972Canavan's Pool Club in Rye Lane, one venue to permanently close during the pandemic

Canavan’s in Peckham is closing permanently today after its owner said the new 10pm curfew and no financial support has left the club with ‘no way to survive’. 

In a statement published on the club’s Facebook page owner Kieran Canavan said he had been unable to secure a rent reduction and, in the absence of government financial support for the night time economy, he faced no choice but to close despite ten years of paying rent on time.

Kieran Canavan

“It is with great sadness that I have to announce the closure of Canavan’s Peckham pool club,” he said. 

“With no help from the government and after having talks with the landladies they are refusing to reduce the rent until the virus is dealt with. 

“I can not afford to pay three months rent in advance in this situation. 

“After paying my rent every quarter on time for the past ten years this is a very hard pill to swallow but such is life. 

“For the staff’s jobs, and the future of the club I have loved, I had to ask.

“As you know we are a nighttime club and only get busy after 10.00pm, there is no way I can survive.

“I want to thank everyone who made Canavan’s the world famous venue it became. 

“From the famous to the yet to be famous who put on some fantastic events, and members, guests and visitors, thank you all. 

“To all my staff who stood by me when times got rough, thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

The club will formally close tonight (September 25) at 10pm. 

Hundreds of fans have called for a fundraiser to help keep the Rye Lane club open, an idea Kieron says would be ‘like being on the Titanic with a cup to bail it out’. 

“The problem is there is no time limit on this situation. The government says the 10.00pm closing is for a minimum of six months with possible local lockdowns if the numbers keep rising. 

“The rent on this building is £20,000 every three months paid in advance. £40,000 with no idea if that will be the end. 

“This is without electricity, gas and staffing. Opening from 5.00pm to 10.00pm will not go anywhere near covering this amount.”


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