Car owners in East Dulwich hit by spate of thefts and vandalism

Katherine Johnston (12 February, 2020)

More than 20 vehicles targeted

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A spate of car break-ins and vandalism has left East Dulwich motorists with costly insurance headaches.

It’s a hot topic on the East Dulwich Forum website, where frustrated residents are warning others of the continuing spate of crimes.

A car on Oglander Road had its window smashed in with just a pair of trainers stolen on January 24. On the same night, another car was broken into.

Writing under the name Soylent Green, the victim replied saying: “Mine was also done on the same night.  Again, the value of the items taken was far less than the £75 insurance excess I had to pay to get the window fixed”.

Other similar reported cases include cars on East Dulwich Grove, Felbrigg Road, Cyrena Road, Hindmans Road, Heber Road, Trossachs Road, Ondine Road and Tell Grove since the end of January.

Some had property stolen from inside but others have reportedly just been vandalised. More than 20 separate vehicles appear to have been damaged since the beginning of the year.

The attacks appear to be spreading further with areas of Dulwich and Herne Hill affected including Casino Avenue, where four vehicles were broken into last weekend.

On February 2, the local police team confirmed it had upped its foot and mobile patrols in the area, both in plain clothes and uniform, after a ‘high number of car break ins’.

Officers urge anyone witnessing people acting suspiciously around cars in the area to call 999.

Sam Rahman says:

Our car was broken into and the sound system and phone kit was torn out of the car right outside our house last night!

Sam Rahman says:

Multiple car break ins and thefts took place Sunday 16th February 2020 in the night all along friern road. People have become uncivilised and have no morals anymore. Dulwich has become an extension of peckham from the 90’s. Riddled with crime and unsafe to raise children in dulwich.

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