Cars could be banned from Waterloo and London Bridges under radical plans

Josh Salisbury (17 May, 2020)

The move would allow for more journeys to be made on foot or bike for social distancing

29378Image: London Bridge

London and Waterloo Bridges may become car-free under plans announced this week by the Mayor.

Under the radical transformation, parts of central London would become car free, with pavements widened for pedestrians, to help with social distancing.

Some streets would become walking and cycling only, with others also permitting bus use. Among the areas marked out to be potentially limited are streets between London Bridge and Shoreditch; Euston and Waterloo; Old Street and Holborn.

Access would be maintained for ambulances and disabled residents, says the Mayor’s office.

TfL said it was looking into zero-emission taxis to be allowed access to the two bridges under the proposals.

“These plans will transform parts of central London to create one of the largest car-free areas in any capital city in the world,” said Mayor Sadiq Khan.

“If we want to make transport in London safe, and keep London globally competitive, then we have no choice but to rapidly repurpose London’s streets for people

He urged Londoners to continue avoiding public transport wherever possible, but added: “I fully appreciate that this will be incredibly difficult for many Londoners. It will mean a fundamental reimagining how we live our lives in this city.”

It comes as the Congestion Charge and ULEZ is due to be reinstated from Monday.

As part of conditions set upon a £1.2bn government bailout of the London transport network, the Congestion Charge could increase to £15 and be in operation from 7am to 10pm,every day of the week.



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