Chance for kids to try out new sports for FREE

Katherine Johnston (09 January, 2019)

'One in six children do not get the recommended amount of exercise every day of the week'

27349Sports hall at the Castle Centre

The Castle Centre is launching free activities for kids to get more young people exercising.

The ‘Let’s Get Physical’ campaign, funded by Southwark Council, will see hour-long sessions during term time for eight to fourteen-year-olds from 4-5pm every Monday, launching on January 7.

Each week will focus on a different type of activity not always on school curriculums, including dodgeball, handball, tag rugby and boxercise.

A new report from Sport England revealed that one in six children do not get the recommended amount of exercise every day of the week, with 2.3 million doing less than 30 minutes per day.

“Sport is more than exercise and has the ability to teach key skills such as teamwork and understanding as well as bringing people together to foster a sense of community” says Everyone Active Sports Development Manager James Tierney.

“We are really excited to launch this initiative and hope it will be a lot of fun for all those who take part.”

For more information please call The Castle Centre on 0333 005 0411 or visit


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