Chapter 72 owner expands with new Bermondsey Street bar

Staff Reporter (29 March, 2021)

"It sounds like it shouldn't work," the owner of juice and hot dog shop Deuce Rebellion said


A new Bermondsey Street café selling juice and hot dogs has opened this month, writes Kit Heren…

Deuce Rebellion, which is owned by Rod Eslamieh, who also runs the Chapter 72 cocktail bar on the same street, opened for takeaway in mid-March.

“The whole concept behind it was quite weird on paper – it sounded like it shouldn’t work,” Eslamieh said. “You know if you go to a juice bar you might expect to get a kale salad or smashed avocado. We were trying to find a fun balance here.

“The hot dogs are quite unusual because they’ve got kimchi toppings or you could have a meat one or a vegan one as well.”

The name refers to the tennis courts on the nearby Tanner Street park.

Eslamieh’s other Bermondsey Street business, Chapter 72, has stayed open for takeaway throughout lockdown, but is reopening its outdoor seating area on April 12 with room for about eight people.

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