Chelsea Fringe comes to Elephant with Flowerful festival

Admin (11 June, 2018)

The alternative gardening festival, Chelsea Fringe, came to Elephant and Castle this year on May 26.


Elephant and Park was home to the alternative and community-focused garden festival Chelsea Fringe on May 26.

Chelsea Fringe runs parallel to the Chelsea Flower Show every year, and continues for two weeks afterwards. The Fringe is based all over London, as well as internationally, with the number of events and participants increasing every year.

The Fringe is neither sponsored nor branded. Since everything included in the festival is not commissioned, the local neighbourhood can be showcased.

Local businesses, such as Walworth Garden and Bee Urban, participated. The Fringe was able to direct workshops, host information booths, and put on live music.

“It was a great day,” Sophie Farren, a local massage therapist said. “I was fully booked and didn’t stop all day! A couple of visitors have already booked in to come and see me for follow up appointments so it was definitely worth doing.”

The Fringe festival took place in Elephant Park, the neighbourhood’s newest green space, slated to be completed in 2025 and to provide a climate friendly development.


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