Choumert Road dispersal zone in place for second weekend in a row

Katherine Johnston (28 May, 2020)

Loud, anti-social and criminal behaviour is 'making residents' lives a misery' says neighbourhood inspector

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Choumert Road and the surrounding area in Peckham will have a 48-hour dispersal zone put in place for the second weekend in a row come Friday.

The measures came was put into force last weekend after reports of rowdy behaviour and drug taking.  It is not related to COVID-19 legislation.

Inspector Cornish, from Southwark’s neighbourhood team, said police were working with the council to find a ‘longer-term’ solution to the problem. He said the situation was “making residents lives a misery”.

Alongside Burgess Park, Dawson’s Hill – a nature reserve – has emerged as a hotspot for anti-social behaviour during the lockdown – with large groups playing loud music.




Lauren says:

This article is a bit of a mess? The story is about Choumert Road and the surrounding but your Twitter evidence is about Dawson’s Hill, nearly two miles away… ‘Alongside Burgess Park’ when there isn’t a single other mention of the park…

Please can you make it clear that the issues in Dawson’s Hill are entirely unrelated to Choumert Road? The structure of this article suggests that the tweets are related, but there have been zero resident complaints online.

Lainie Bennett says:

Nothing changes in Peckham. Glad I am not living there any more. Never felt safe being a single mum with my three kids on the Bells Garden estate. Which is still a poo hole by all accounts!

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