Christmas star Lottie wins top science prize

Katherine Johnston (19 December, 2018)

'I’ve never won anything before'

27096Lottie and her star

A star has been named after a Dulwich primary school pupil in recognition of her top science prize win.

Ten-year-old Lottie from Alleyn’s Junior School in Dulwich won the top prize in the junior category of Empiribox’s ‘Win a Star’ competition, which invited children to invent an alien.

Lottie won first prize with her rainbow-coloured creature specially adapted for life in outer-space including extra big swirly eyes for seeing through inter-galactic fog and extra body weight to beat low gravity.

She was delighted by her win, saying: “I’d like to do something in science when I leave school. I was really excited to win as I’ve never won anything before!”

The year five student won both a star in her own name, and one for her school, and was given a sky map so she can find both at night.

Her classmates will also enjoy a planetarium show at the school next February, as part of the competition prize.

Competition runner Empiribox works with schools and teachers across the UK to help them make science fun and achieve outstanding results.

Its founder, Dan Sullivan, said: “Children are fascinated by stars and the idea of life on other planets.

“Our ‘Win a Star Competition’ really fired their imagination and we were amazed by the creativity of the designs.

“Lottie’s entry really stood out because she showed a lovely understanding of space science.”


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