Brexit day: EU flag at City Hall to stop flying – but will be replaced by ‘London is Open’ flag

Josh Salisbury (30 January, 2020)

But the flag will be replaced with a 'London is Open' flag said City Hall officials

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The EU flag flying at City Hall will be taken down tomorrow when the UK leaves the European Union.

Instead, a ‘London is Open’ flag will fly alongside the Union flag at the building by Potters Fields Park, a spokesman for the Mayor said.

“The EU flag will be taken down from City Hall tomorrow,” said the Mayoral spokesman.

“It will be replaced by the ‘London is Open’ David Shrigley flag, which will be flown alongside the union flag.

“It is more important than ever that we promote the message of London as a welcoming, open city.

“Our city will always continue to look outwards, and trade and engage with the entire world – including with the European Union.”

It comes after Breixteers on the London Assembly called for the flag to be taken down following 2016’s Leave result.

The UK will leave the EU tomorrow at 11pm.



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