Morrisons’ Walworth community champions raise awareness of new food bank packs

Katherine Johnston (16 November, 2020)

Customers can buy ready-prepared parcels for food banks in store for £1-3

40507Walworth Morrison's community champions

Walworth Morrisons’ community champion Kathy Brace is encouraging customers to take part in the supermarket’s new scheme supporting local food banks.

To make it as easy as possible to give, and ensure the food is healthy and well-balanced, the store has introduced ‘pick up packs’.

Customers can buy these ready-prepared parcels with their shopping in store, and then donate at the checkout.

Kathy, told the News the items were collected and then divided up among local charities. They cost between £1 and £3 and are specially prepared with items food banks say are in short supply.

As part of its ongoing commitments to supporting shielding residents, the store is also doing doorstep deliveries. 

Kathy and fellow champion Isata have also been helping supply Southwark’s schools and care homes with donations, too.


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