Construction on Canada Water Masterplan could begin in months after final approval

Josh Salisbury (04 June, 2020)

This early phase will create 265 new homes, says British Land

32176Artist's impression of Plot A2 in the Canada Water Masterplan

Work on the Canada Water Masterplan could begin later this year after the mammoth scheme was formally given the go-ahead last week.

Councillors approved the 53-acre transformation of large parts of Surrey Quays and Rotherhithe in September, despite objections raised over the impact on local transport among other issues.

A formal notice to approve the works was given by Southwark Council last week, with work on three buildings due to start in the coming weeks and months.

According to the developer British Land, this will create 265 new homes, 35 per cent of which are ‘affordable’, a new leisure centre, and office space to support around 2,300 jobs.

However, it added that work would likely be delayed by the coronavirus crisis, and that “we will be reviewing when construction could safely and reasonably begin.”

“Over the coming weeks and months we hope to commence the enabling works and infrastructure,” said Roger Madelin, who is leading on the development.

“Leading onto starting the first three buildings we already had detailed planning permission for. Over the coming months we’ll be preparing designs for new buildings … You will have your opportunity to comment on these as they come forward.”

Mr Madelin said he hoped the masterplan for the area, the biggest planning project in recent Southwark history, would be an ‘exemplar’ of redevelopment.

Objectors speaking at a crowded meeting for the Canada Water Masterplan in September

These three plots form part of a first phase of the fifteen-year project, with planning permission already being granted in outline to other plots in the £3.3bn masterplan.

This means that sections of the scheme will come before the planning committee when there is sufficient detail.

When completed, the project is slated to create 3,000 new homes and up to 20,000 new jobs.


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