Consultation on ‘World class’ Burgess Park skate park ends this weekend

Katherine Johnston (30 September, 2020)

3,000 square metres of grass will be taken over by the development

39275Aerial view from the south-east

A consultation into a new ‘world class’ skate park in Burgess Park closes this Sunday, October 4.

Southwark Council has published details of the new skate bowl online, describing it as a potential ‘world-class facility’ comparable only to the Reubén Alcántara in Malaga.

It aims to cater for BMX riders, kick scooter riders, skateboarders, roller skaters, free-runners, traceurs, climbers and boulderers and would most likely be floodlit until 10pm. Both skateboarding and climbing are now Olympic sports growing in popularity across London.

According to consultation documents, 3,000 square metres of grass will be taken over by the development. The council is suggesting offsetting this with ten new trees, a new wildflower meadow or similar, bird and bat boxes, and other measures to increase plant and insect life in the park.

Mark says:

Great. It be better to have it in the unused lot on the other side of the walkway though, so that no green space would have been used and the brown site converted.

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