‘Controlling’ and ‘jealous’ partner convicted of Charlotte Huggins murder after jury reject his claims she fell on the knife by accident

Katherine Johnston (18 July, 2019)

He will be sentenced tomorrow

27243Victim: Charlotte Huggins

Michael Rolle from East Dulwich was found guilty at the Old Bailey today (July 18) of murdering his partner, Walworth mum Charlotte Huggins on New Year Day.

Described in court as a ‘controlling and abusive partner’ 34-year-old Michael Rolle was found guilty of the killing after the jury dismissed his claims that the much-loved mother-of-one died after stabbing herself by accident.

The court heard how Rolle visited Charlotte’s home on the Brandon Estate in the early hours of January 1 this year and found her celebrating with a male friend.

The jury were told that he became so aggressive that her friend left, but returning shortly after, the friend found Charlotte stabbed in the back.

The court was told that all the time, her daughter and aunt were sleeping upstairs.

And it was said that before she died, Charlotte was able to say the name of her killer – Rolle.

In the dock, Rolle claimed Charlotte held the knife behind her back to stop him from getting it before falling on it, impaling herself below her right shoulder.

He said she pulled it out herself, which explained why the weapon was found lying on the ground.

An expert pathologist gave evidence that Charlotte’s injuries were inconsistent with his version of events – and Rolle himself admitted he left without giving his dying partner first aid or even calling an ambulance.

The court heard jealous Rolle had a history of trying to isolate Charlotte from her friends and was seen threatening her with a knife days before her death, holding it to her stomach on her birthday and throwing a butcher’s knife across a room – narrowly missing a friend.

Rolle was arrested who days later, on January 3, when he attempted to evade officers by climbing out a window.

And the court was told that her blood was later found on his trainers, jeans, jacket and the handlebar of his bicycle, which he used to make a getaway from the scene.

Catherine Gould, from the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “This was a shocking display of violence borne out of jealousy and which resulted in a tragic murder that has deprived a little girl of mother.

“This was no freak accident as Rolle claimed.

“It was a deliberate act and the jury has seen through his lies.

“We hope this result gives a sense of justice for those who cared for Charlotte who was much-loved throughout her community.”

He will be sentenced tomorrow (Friday, July 19).

Lorna Malcolm says:

We all need to research and get knowledge so we can see these monsters a mile away just to protect ourselves.

My heartfelt condolences go out to all the family and her daughter.

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