CORNISH PESTY: Maggoty misery as mum finds wriggling creatures in kid’s pasty

Admin (05 February, 2015)

Morrisons promised a thorough investigation and apologised to Xiu Qin and her son Kevin, who had bitten into the maggot-laden pasty

A seven year old boy was horrified to discover live maggots in his beef pasty, bought from the local Morrison’s, his mum has said.

Mum Xiu Qin, of Elmington Road, Camberwell, bought Morrison’s own brand pasties on Wednesday 21 January on a 2 for £3 deal. They were immediately placed in the fridge until serving them hot to her two children two days later.

Both of them started vomiting and didn’t even have breakfast. They have now lost their appetite over the past days

Xiu QiN Mum

She was alerted to the situation by the cries of son Kevin, who had bitten into the pasty and seen wriggling maggots in the remains.

Ms Qin said: “If I didn’t see it, then I wouldn’t believe it. My daughter Jessica was there too and she was shocked. Both of them started vomiting and didn’t even have breakfast. They have now lost their appetite over the past days.”

After taking photos and videos, the mum-of-two immediately took the pasties back. She was given £15 in Morrison’s vouchers and the manager said he would conduct further investigation. Ms Qin, who has lived in the area with her husband and kids for just over six years, said she would get a response within two days.

After receiving no further communication she is furious with how her complaint was handled.

“I definitely will not be using the vouchers. As far as I am concerned it is too late for them to make amends, I gave them the chance, and they have handled it poorly,” she said.

“The quality of the Morrison’s Ready to Eat food is a severe problem. I have proof of what happened with pictures and video and I think all the consumers in the UK should know about it.”

A Morrison’s spokesperson said: “We take all reports such as this extremely seriously and investigate thoroughly into all matters of food safety. As such, we are currently investigating this with our supplier and will be back in touch with the customer when this has reached a conclusion. We apologise if the customer feels that she has not received the level of service she should have expected.”


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