Coronavirus: Disgust over discarded gloves and face masks left strewn around Southwark

Katherine Johnston (03 April, 2020)

Has your area seen an upsurge in gloves and face masks being littered?

35893A discarded glove in Peckham

On top of fears over a ‘selfish minority’ ignoring social distancing rules, the News has also been contacted by residents disgusted by the number of carelessly discarded gloves and face masks littering the streets.

One resident, Dawn, got in touch with us after seeing people spitting in the street and coming across strewn protective gear while she was outside on an essential shopping trip in Peckham this week.

“I’m getting really fed-up with people who are constantly spitting in the streets and throwing their vinyl gloves all over the place as well as their safety masks, you would think with what is currently happening in this country and all over the world people would have the sense to not do it,” she said.
“I was hoping that perhaps your newspaper could shed a light on this issue as I feel it’s a dangerous and disgusting action to do.”
The images below were all taken on one short walk near Peckham High Street and Rye Lane.
As well as being unsightly and bad for the environment, more than ever spitting and not disposing of personal protective equipment properly poses a health risk.
Southwark Council has requested any rubbish with personal items such as used tissues or personal equipment is double-bagged and left for 72-hours before being put outside for collection to help protect refuse collectors from the virus.
Other keyworkers at risk from other people’s unhygienic behaviour include the street cleaners and servicing teams helping to disinfect communal areas of council-managed blocks.



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