Coronavirus: Fundraiser set up to support Guy’s and St Thomas’ staff

Staff Reporter (18 February, 2021)

Donations go directly to helping the health and wellbeing of NHS staff

40801St Thomas' Hospital, SE1, inset: coronavirus

Guy’s and St Thomas’ has relaunched its coronavirus fundraising appeal to help care for staff through health and wellbeing support, writes Simon Throssell…

Funds from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity are helping staff access support from a team of specially trained psychologists.  There are now more chaplaincy staff too, for religious and spiritual support, and wellbeing zones across the trust’s hospitals.

Dr Neil Rees, consultant clinical psychologist and lead psychologist for staff health and wellbeing, said: “It is hugely important to look after the psychological and physical health and wellbeing of NHS staff.  Whilst many healthcare workers managed the stress and challenge of working through the COVID-19 pandemic with support from families and loved ones, some colleagues will have persistent psychological difficulties.

“The effects of the pandemic will be felt for a long time to come and some may require help in the longer term.

“Many NHS staff face pressured situations at all times, so providing ongoing support for health and wellbeing is vital to ensure the trust is able to offer the best care possible to those in need.

“The programme of support we are delivering in partnership with Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity will ensure all staff – regardless of their role, background or seniority – can reconnect with their psychological resources, confidence and values after exposure to highly challenging situations.”

To donate, visit:


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