Court will decide on Elephant and Castle regeneration next week

Katherine Johnston (17 October, 2019)

'We have seen that when we fight, we can get more'


The long-awaited judicial into the Elephant and Castle regeneration project is set to begin next week.

Scheduled for two days from Tuesday October 22, the challenge to Delancey’s scheme will be heard at the Royal Courts of Justice with traders, residents and campaigners giving evidence.

A demonstration is planned for 9am outside the court entrance, where those in favour of the project going back to the drawing board to get more than 116 homes at social rent.

Up the Elephant’s Jerry Flynn, who is the claimant in the case, said: “We have seen some improvements over the three years since the plans were first put forward – to begin with there was no social rented housing and nowhere for the traders to move to.

“All these gains have been achieved by the local community working together, so we have seen that when we fight, we can get more.”

Meanwhile the Public Interest Law Centre’s Paul Heron, acting as a solicitor for Flynn in this case, said: “We have a great legal team and we are fully confident in the justice of our claim”.

He argued “Southwark Council should never have given planning permission for this development without getting the maximum amount of social rented housing from Delancey, which they clearly have not done.”

Richard Parsons says:

I thought a decision was due last month.
Can’t wait to see it gone.
What’s the hold-up?

sam anderson says:

This dirty shopping mall would definitely go. All the surrounding areas are being regenerated except E&C.

Would love to see the decision this month and shopping mall demolition.

Dan says:

Why is there zero information about what’s happening with this?

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