Dads House: Elephant and Castle charity hands out over 23,000 meals

Katherine Johnston (14 May, 2020)

Dads House supports single parent families

28786Elephant and Castle shopping centre

A charity supporting single parent families in Elephant and Castle has now distributed around 23,500 meals to the community during the COVID-19 crisis.

It’s all the more impressive since the charity’s food bank, based in Elephant and Castle shopping centre, has only been in operation since April 3.

Three thousand meals were donated on Tuesday, May 5, with a further 5,000 on Friday last week and 3,500 at the beginning of this week.

William McGranghan, Founder of Dads House said: “We would like to highlight the importance of every single volunteer which has been pivotal to the success of our food bank and in helping the community.

“By working together we ensure these food banks remain operational, and that those requiring assistance in the local community have the resources they need during this difficult period.

“Dads House are continuing to call on further donations for anyone who can afford to give something.”

To donate to Dads House, visit:

Dads House


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