Dancing classes and music therapy at Age UK centre in Newington help older people keep active

Katherine Johnston (10 December, 2018)

'Two-fifths of older people living in England said the television was their main source of company'

26952Getting into the swing of things

Octogenarians are dancing down memory lane with the help of new exercises classes at Age UK’s Stones End Centre in Newington.

Classes at the Scovell Road day centre are helping older residents enjoy life, stay fit and keep active,  thanks to more than £9,000 of funding from Aberdeen Standard Investments’ Charitable Foundation.

According to Age UK, the area has an above average number of residents over the age of 85, with more than half living alone. Many have no relatives close by.

Strength and balance is particularly important for older people to help reduce the risk of falls and help keep up their independence.

Music sessions have proved a bit hit, and are especially therapeutic for people with dementia.

Age UK’s Rajvi Patel said: “A high proportion live alone so social stimulation and contact is very important – some might not leave the four walls of their homes if they weren’t transported to our centre.

“Findings of a study showed two-fifths of older people living in England said the television was their main source of company.

“That’s a sad reality for people who don’t have family living close by that are able to pop in and see them regularly or have mobility barriers that prevent them being able to get out and about independently.

“It’s crucial to be able to engage, maintain and increase wellbeing and quality of life and the classes are designed to suit the needs and abilities of our vulnerable older people.

“Over time this will improve physical health, improve balance and co-ordination, reducing the number of falls and near misses.”

According to the charity, loneliness not only leaves older people feeling down, it also linked to an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

For more information about Age UK and what is on offer in your area, visit www.ageuk.org.uk.



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