British Land: Dates set to hear Canada Water Masterplan application this month

Josh Salisbury (18 September, 2019)

Officers have recommended that councillors accept the proposals

32176Artist's impression of Plot A2 in the Canada Water Masterplan

Dates have been set for councillors to hear the planning application for the first phase of the Canada Water Masterplan.

Marathon meetings are scheduled to take place on Wednesday, September 25 and September 30 to consider a detailed application for the first phase cover three plots of land and outline planning for future stages.

The mammoth 250-page report will be considered by councillors for the Masterplan which would see the transformation of a 53-acre of land in Canada Water, Surrey Quays and Rotherhithe.

Officers have recommended that the proposals are accepted, subject to certain conditions such as referral to the Mayor and British Land has pledged the Masterplan would bring around 3,000 new homes to the area, of which a minimum of 35 per cent would be ‘affordable’ and office space for around 20,000 jobs.

However, concerns have been raised in the local community about the impact of overcrowding in the peninsula, particularly on transport routes.

The target date for the completion of the Masterplan, if approved, is 2033.

The documents can be studied in more detail by searching reference ‘18/AP/1604’ on Southwark Council’s planning portal.

Times and locations of the meetings can be found here.


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