Deptford man charged with gun and firearm supply offences

Josh Salisbury (06 July, 2020)

Alsi Vata, 24, was arrested on Thursday morning as he left an apartment in Soho

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A Deptford man has been charged with conspiring to supply firearms and Class A and B drugs.

Alsi Vata, 24, was arrested by National Crime Agency officers on Thursday morning as he left an apartment in Soho.

He is due to appear at Leeds Crown Court on July 17.

He was arrested under Operation Venetic, which targeted the encryped platform EncroChat.

Peter Stevens, Branch Commander at the NCA, said: “It’s undeniable the levels of violence and exploitation that are linked to illegal drugs and firearms in the UK.

“Tackling the networks behind this type of criminality is a priority for the NCA and Operation Venetic is our most significant breakthrough in the fight against serious and organised crime.

“Not only are we arresting the criminal kingpins, we’re disrupting those middle-tier criminals before they can make their way up the chain and cause even greater harm.”


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