Developers bring sunshine to Abbeyfield Estate in Bermondsey

News Desk (07 July, 2016)

The bright colours will improve the block’s energy efficiency and reduce residents' energy bills

10507Keepmoat's pastel coloured makeover at Abbeyfield Estate

A block of flats on the Abbeyfield Estate has had a yellow makeover after builders Keepmoat finished off works with a bright-yellow render on the balconies.

The seven-storey Bradley House received different shades of yellow to mirror the rising of the sun each morning.

Sandie Warren, a Bradley House resident, said: “I think the block is so much nicer now – the yellow colour is beautiful. The brickwork was crumbling away before, it’s more pleasant now.

“I like the yellow colours and love how they get lighter and lighter at each floor. We were all unsure about the new colours at first but seeing it all finished now, I think it’s beautiful.”

The bright colour scheme was just one part of an overall plan to improve the block’s energy efficiency and reduce residents’ energy bills.

Working in partnership with Southwark Council, Keepmoat also installed a high performance insulated roof membrane and 50kw solar photovoltaic (PV) panels.

Harry, another tenant, added: “The appearance of the block has improved so much and I really like the colours that have been used. It’s just a shame that my idea of painting a union jack flag didn’t take.”

Terence Redpath says:

Thats not the fluoresent paint Del Boy was selling?

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