DHFC application for new stadium will be decided next month

Katherine Johnston (11 March, 2020)

Southwark Planning Committee's meeting will be held on April 22

28274Champion Hill. Image: Duncan Palmer Photography

Southwark Council’s planning committee will either approve or reject the plans at its April 22 meeting.

The application from DHFC and developer-landlord Meadow Partners was submitted last year, detailing plans for a new 4,000 capacity stadium, an all-weather and multi-use pitch, and more than 200 homes.

The club says the site and stadium is the only option for its long-term future in the borough, but the plans have also been criticised by environmental campaigners as they will involve encroaching on part of Green Dale fields; currently classed as ‘metropolitan open land’.

Groups including the Friends of Greendale, Campaign to Protect Rural England and Friends of Dog Kennel Hill Wood have all expressed opposition.

In a statement published on behalf of the club and its supporters’ trust, Liam Hickey said: “We would like to thank everyone that has supported the club during this long process and has worked towards the goal of securing a decision on the development of a new stadium and sporting hub for the community.

“Should the application be rejected the club will not be able to continue in its current form at the heart of its community so it is important that everyone’s voice is heard.”


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