Do you know your Karl Barks from your Mary Woof-stonecraft?

Katherine Johnston (19 September, 2019)

Is one's bark truly worse than a bite?

32129Karl Barks

A dog-lover and philosophy fan from Elephant and Castle has penned his first book, inspired by the deep thinking canines encountered across Southwark’s parks.

Sam with golden retriever Freya

Twenty-eight-year-old Sam Dodson, who moved to Southwark three years ago to pursue his dream of becoming a writer, said a particularly pensive dog sparked the idea for the book.

“I was walking through the park and I noticed this Golden Retriever standing stock-still, staring intently at the trunk of a tree,” Sam told the News.

“This dog was there for so long, just staring, occasionally tilting its head from side to side, and in that moment it was clear to me that it was obviously having some very important, philosophical thoughts.”

Sam and his sister Rosie began creating the illustrated book, which explores the minds of well-known thinkers Karl Barks, Sun-Shih-tzu and Mary Woof-stonecraft.

The result, Philosophers’ Dogs explores all the important questions; whether is it possible to be a ‘good’ dog, ‘are tennis balls real’, and whether one’s bark is truly worse than a bite, and is illustrated with images of dogs they’ve met in parks across Southwark.

The duo are now Crowdfunding to cover the cost of publishing the book via Unbound, and are offering the chance for anyone who supports the project to have their own pet immortalised with a “paw-trait”.

Another “reward” for anyone who pre-orders a copy is the chance to join Sam and his Labrador Reg on a group walk through Southwark’s parks to discuss life’s great mysteries.

“I love the idea of getting all these dog owners, walkers and philosophy enthusiasts together for a giant dog walk in London.

“People who pledge for this reward will get a signed copy of the book, too, so once it’s published we can all meet up and learn about the real masters of philosophy – our dogs!”

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