Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi presents £75,000 cheque to leading cancer charity

Staff Reporter (06 November, 2018)

'Women are still dying of breast cancer, and they are dying on a heart-breaking scale’'


Two leading breast cancer charities have come together to fund vital research into secondary breast cancer, an incurable disease which kills almost 1,000 people every month, writes Christopher Carey…

Doctor Who actor Peter Capaldi was at hand to present a £75,000 cheque to Breast Cancer Now, the UK’s largest Breast Cancer charity.

Capaldi, who is a celebrity patron to Secondary1st, a charity which funds cancer research, presented the cheque to Dr Claire Wells of King’s College London and Baroness Delyth Morgan, chief executive at Breast Cancer Now.

Baroness Morgan said: “We are absolutely delighted to receive this generous donation from Secondary 1st, which will help fund Dr Wells’ research into secondary breast cancer.

“Despite the incredible progress made in breast cancer research in recent years, women are still dying of breast cancer, and they are dying on a heart-breaking scale.”

Breast Cancer Now has invested over £200 million into world-class research to date, and currently funds around half of all projects in the UK focused on understanding how and why breast cancer spreads and becomes incurable.

Maralyn Kalman of Secondary1st said: “We want to put secondary breast cancer first, front of mind, top of the list.

“This is a disease that affects women and men everywhere, not just the cancer patient but their entire family.

“Finding a cure means everything.’’

Breast cancer is still the most common cancer in the UK. Nearly 700,000 people have experienced a diagnosis and one in eight women will face it in their lifetime.

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