Don’t leave us in dark over tower plans, say Rotherhithe residents

News Desk (26 November, 2015)

The consultation process for the St George's Wharf development has been slammed as "seriously flawed."

6759An artist's impression of the development.

Rotherhithe residents fear they are being kept in the dark regarding a 200-home development at South Dock, due to a “seriously flawed consultation process.”

Planning application for the “St George’s Wharf” scheme, which boasts fifteen and 20-storey high towers, is expected to be submitted in March 2016.

However, residents living nearby, including Andie Byrnes, claim that not enough work has been done to work with and address the concerns of local people. She said: “It has been a flawed consultation. The sessions last month were restricted in terms of how many people could attend, and only took place over two days. Many people couldn’t make them.

“A workshop was meant to be held this month to allow more people a chance to have their say, but nothing has been heard of it. The development is going to go ahead – you can’t stop people developing such valuable land. But people need the chance to feed formally into this project, to vent their concerns and have an open discussion.”

The development will provide council homes, reduced-rent properties and some private houses. It will also see the boatyard completely overhauled, with under-cover workshops and new retail spaces.

An outline of the development (note: the 15-storey tower is not portrayed)

An outline of the development (note: the 15-storey tower is not portrayed)

Councillor Mark Williams, Southwark Council cabinet member for regeneration and new homes, apologised for the delay in arranging the November workshop, which has now been arranged for December 9.

He said: “Southwark is doing more than any other council to tackle the housing crisis head on, including building new council homes next to South Dock Marina. We want to make sure that our final proposal makes the most of these opportunities, whilst mitigating any negative impacts on local residents. The first two consultation events have been held and we are now promoting the dates for three workshops.

“These have taken slightly longer to confirm than we hoped, but all details are now available on the council’s website and we will be sending out notices to local residents this week about the workshops.”

For details on the workshop events and how to get regular updates on this development please go to the council’s website:

Another drawing of the proposal.

Another drawing of the proposal.



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