‘Don’t turn a blind eye to our families in danger’ urge local Sierra Leoneans

Katherine Johnston (31 October, 2018)

Petition handed to Number Ten

26228Neil Coyle and Harriet Harman with members of Southwark's Sierra Leonean community

Sierra Leoneans in Southwark joined MPs Neil Coyle and Harriet Harman at Downing Street on Monday, as they handed in petition detailing alleged human rights abuses in the West African country and called on the government not to ‘turn a blind eye’.

Coyle told the News: “There is a vibrant Sierra Leonean community here in Southwark and many have come to me to tell me of their fears and concerns for friends and relatives back in Sierra Leone.

“The UN Special Rapporteur condemned the state of human rights in the country just last week and it seems the situation is worsening.

“I supported our community to hand over the petition at 10 Downing Street and I hope the Prime Minister will exert more pressure on Sierra Leone to address concerns.

“I am taking Southwark Sierra Leone community representatives to meet the Minister for Africa later this year to ensure the UK Government does not turn a blind eye.”


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