Doorkins Magnificat: Much-loved Southwark Cathedral cat passes away

Josh Salisbury (02 October, 2020)

Doorkins had lived at the cathedral for 11 years before retiring last year

39309Image: Doorkins Magnificat Credit: Bridget Davey /

Doorkins Magnificat, the Southwark Cathedral cat, has died.

The Cathedral announced that she had sadly passed away on Wednesday, in the arms of one of the Cathedral’s vergers. She had been living with him since retirement at the end of last year.

Doorkins, who first came to the Cathedral as a stray in 2008, had earned widespread affection from those who visited the church.

Her likeness is engraved in a stone corbel jutting out from one of the Cathedral’s walls, and a picture book about her adventures was published in 2017.

Church-goers had even written poems in praise of Doorkins, who church staff remember as an “active and fearless” cat.

“The community at Southwark Cathedral is saddened by the death of Doorkins,” said the Dean of Southwark, Andrew Nunn. 

“Like many people before her she found her way to us and was welcomed and made us her family and this place her home.  

“She brought us so much pleasure and much joy to her many fans and followers.”

Doorkins asleep, photograph by Aidan CK

The verger who cared for Doorkins in her retirement added: “In the past couple of weeks her health declined rapidly and during the night of the 30th of September her health very suddenly and quickly deteriorated. 

“She died in my arms to the sound of a familiar voice peacefully at 8.20pm. I miss her more than words can say such was the impact she had on me and all who loved her so dearly.”

A page from a picture book dedicated to Doorkins

Her remains will be brought back to the church in due course, and a thanksgiving ceremony will be held on October 28.

Doorkins, who lived in the cathedral for over a decade, had first began visiting between Christmas and New Year in 2008, waiting at the South West doors for food.

Eventually, she decided to move in, and lived in the cathedral until 2019 when her eyesight failed and she was taken home by one of the vergers.

A site to share memories of Doorkins can be found here.




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