Doorkins Magnificat: Southwark Cathedral cat retires because her poor eyesight means she keeps bumping into things

Josh Salisbury (23 October, 2019)

Popular Doorkins has been with the Cathedral for 11 years - but will now go into a well deserved retirement

32890Doorkins the cat has been living at Southwark Cathedral for 11 years - but now has gone into semi-retirement (Image: @DoorkinsM/ Twitter)

She has long been a mainstay of Southwark Cathedral, appearing on official merchandise, and has even met the Queen.

But now Southwark Cathedral’s cat Doorkins Magnificat has gone into partial retirement and will no longer live in the church – because her poor eyesight means she keeps bumping into things.

The famous feline will live in semi-retirement with a member of Cathedral staff because of her deteriorating health.

Doorkins’ retirement was announced with “great sadness” this afternoon by the Cathedral on the animal’s official social media page.

“I know I am going to be very happy there surrounded by so much love and affection plus food, very good food,” said the announcement on behalf of Doorkins.

“Please continue to visit the Cathedral, a place I love so much and have so many fond memories. It has been an absolute pleasure welcoming visitors to the Cathedral for the last 11 years.

“I will miss the fusses you have given me…as well as all the treats you kindly donated!”

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Cathedral staff have encourage people to continue donating food, treats and toys to Doorkins’ cat food bank at the church, which go towards Cat Cuddles, a sanctuary helping kittens find new homes across south-east London.

The Dean of Southwark Cathedral, the Very Revd Andrew Nunn, said: “You deserve a lovely retirement Doorkins.

“We shall miss you in Southwark Cathedral, but I know you will be very comfortable. Thank you for being such a lovely friend to all of us.”

Doorkins’ likeness was set in stone at the Cathedral last year (Image: Aidan CK)

Doorkins was adopted by Church staff after she began visiting for food between Christmas and New Year in 2008.

She decided that she wanted to live inside the Cathedral – and soon became a famous mascot for the SE1 institution.

She has had books written about her, has entertained Queen Elizabeth and has even had poems dedicated to her.

Staff at the church describe her as “quite elusive”, but she could regularly be seen walking in front of the altar during a service, or napping in the Churchyard if the sun is out.

Last year a stone corbel was unveiled at the Cathedral for Doorkins, which will last for hundreds of years.


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