Doorstep delights – who is mystery cheesecake giver?

Admin (05 February, 2015)

Bermondsey residents were surprised to see annonymous gifts of cheesecake left outside their front doors

259This mysterious cheesecake was left outside someone's front door in the Setchell estate, SE1

Lucky residents across Southwark are having their cake and eating it too, thanks to a mystery do-gooder leaving tasty treats on their doorsteps.

Last week, Setchell Estate residents in Bermondsey were reportedly delighted to discover that an anonymous donor had left them a series of goodies without any explanation.

Speaking to the Londonist website, Derren Harvey said: “Yesterday I opened the front door and found a Tesco carrier bag containing a cheesecake — no note or flyer, just a cheesecake.

“I looked around and most of my neighbours had been left the same item.”

The following day, he and his lucky neighbours found yet more delicious delicacies – this time, boxes of biscuits.

Derren said: “There are eight flats in our little square, we’ve all had them and the next block along have also had them – odd!”

The following day, yet more cheesecake were apparently dropped off at doorstops across the estate.

On Wednesday, Kieron Kirkland was surprised to find a cheesecake on his own doorstep – this time in Peckham. He described the gift as a random act a kindness and said on Twitter: “Slightly freaked out! Someone left a cheesecake on my doorstep this morn!”

Social media has been abuzz with discussion about what is being dubbed “the great cheesecake mystery.”

@Lotte_Mac said: “Just another reason to move to Bermondsey.”


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