Dorchester Court: Tenants stage protest in Waterloo demanding negotiations with landlord

Katherine Johnston (08 July, 2020)

'It feels good to be out protesting to show we don't think this is good enough'


Over fifty Dorchester Court residents staged a protest outside their letting agents’ offices in Waterloo on Friday demanding a face-to-face meeting with their landlord.

As the News has reported, the Herne Hill-based tenants have called for rent breaks during the Coronavirus crisis, especially in light of long-running disputes over the privately owned estate’s ‘dilapidated’ infrastructure and hot water and heating outages.

The socially distanced protest was held by members of the London Renters Union outside Property Partners’ headquarters with chants including: “Property Partners we can’t wait, we want you to negotiate”.

One resident, Jo, said: “I’ve been quietly putting up with heating outages in my home for years.

“Now a pandemic has hit and it is even more important I have a safe and warm home.

“My landlord is worth more than £200 million but tenants have been told he can’t afford to write off any rent arrears accrued during this crisis.

“It feels good to be out protesting to show we don’t think this is good enough.”

The demonstration outside Property Partners on Friday, July 3


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