Dulwich man’s relief as mum and child miraculously escape from oncoming Tube

Josh Salisbury (10 September, 2018)

They survived by ducking into a pit underneath the tracks as the train passed overhead

25028Image: British Transport Police (stock)

A Dulwich man has spoken of his relief after seeing a family miraculously cheat death from an oncoming Tube.

Peter Holland, an East Dulwich-based theatre producer, had just arrived at the platform at Baker Street on Friday evening as a mother and child had fallen onto the tracks.

The mother and her child in a pram fell into the way of the Jubilee line train at around 10:15pm on Friday, while her husband leapt in to save them.

But the family of three managed to escape unscathed after crouching down in a pit under the tracks – while the train passed overhead.

The theatre producer said: “This is such a relief. We got to the platforms at Baker Street just as this happened, the train whistling, people screaming and running in tears.

I can’t tell you how relieved I am to hear this wasn’t fatal.”

He added: “Thoughts out to the driver of the train. Unbelievable.”

The family were unharmed in the death-defying incident, but were taken to hospital as a precaution.

The British Transport Police said in a statement: “It appears a lady was walking along the platform, pushing her child in a buggy, whilst looking up at the indicator board.

“She didn’t realise how near she was to the edge of the platform and accidentally pushed the buggy wheels over it.

“She, the buggy and the child fell onto the track. The father jumped down to help them.

“When they saw a train coming, all three were extremely fortunate in being able to move into a pit under the track and the train passed safely over the top of them.”

Nigel Holness, director of operations at TFL said the miraculous escape underlined the need for passengers to stay behind the yellow line when waiting on the platform.


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