Dulwich podiatrists hold anniversary fund-raiser for charity looking after homeless’ feet

News Desk (05 September, 2018) Health

They held the event for their 70th anniversary


A Dulwich foot specialists held a fundraiser on Sunday for a charity looking after homeless people’s toes, writes Josh Salisbury…

Dulwich Podiatry, on Woodwarde Road, put on an open day to celebrate its 70th anniversary, which included a charity raffle for the charity Forgotten Feet.

The initiative sets up clinics across the UK in high deprivation areas and homeless centres to tackle the painful foot conditions common among homeless people.

Blisters, fungal skin infections and foot wounds are prevalent among homeless people because of damp conditions and a tendency to keep shoes on for long times.

The team of six podiatrists gave residents the opportunity to ask questions about their foot health and have a foot examination in a bid to tackle the stigma around feet conditions.

Lack of proper foot care is often underestimated – with many painful conditions arising from no foot regime.

The clinic, which has been in business since 1948, advises that everyone takes the simple steps of cutting their nails straight across with no sharp edges and moisturising well.

If you have any worries about your feet, contact your doctor for a referral into the NHS Podiatry Service or search for a podiatrist on the College of Podiatry’s website cop.org.uk.


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