Eagle released from London Eye provides literal bird’s eye view of the capital

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The footage offers an unparalleled insight into what London looks like from above.

24674@iamphotolaura Chris O'Donnell releases the eagle

The London Eye is offering Londoners a new perspective of their city – literally, from a bird’s eye view, writes Jessie Kolvin…

Since the turn of the millennium, the London Eye has offered an incomparable 360° view of London.

Now, it has gone one step further.

Teaming up with professional eagle handler Chris O’Donnell, the London Eye released a white tailed sea eagle from the very top of the landmark.

Soaring over the heart of London at dawn, the camera on the eagle’s back captures an immersive journey that no human could otherwise experience.

Mr O’Donnell explained that eagles have “remarkable vision, allowing them to see far and wide from impressive heights.

“Observing the London skyline from above while feeling like you’re also part of it – that’s something special.”


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