BAFTA-winning East Dulwich director creates special Thank You Day video

Katherine Johnston (06 July, 2021)

'On Thank You Day, I am most grateful for all the people who risked their lives in hospitals when everyone else was at home'

45831Denver Bardell

A BAFTA-award winning director from East Dulwich made a heartwarming video recognising the role of key workers throughout the pandemic.

Nick Holt created the video, commissioned by pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences, for last weekend’s ‘Thank You Day’ held on Sunday, July 4.

The video highlights the fantastic work of one young person during COVID-19;  Norfolk-based Denver Bardell, who helped make care packages and ‘sunshine bags’ for key workers and people in her community. 

Speaking about her time during lockdown, Denver says: “I liked that we didn’t have to go to school, but I did miss going to nanny’s house, although we did go past their house and wave when we did our exercise.

“To help me during lockdown, we created a jar of all the things we couldn’t do. When lockdown was over, mummy said we could do one of those things each week.

“I’ve never been in a film before, so I thought it would be a chance for me to try something new. I thought I’d really enjoy it and it seemed like a good way of saying thank you to key workers. 

“It was cool – they came to film me on my birthday and my school. My favourite bit was when we filmed me out walking my dog.

“On Thank You Day, I am most grateful for all the people who risked their lives in hospitals when everyone else was at home. 

“And postmen, because they still had to deliver letters when we were at home.”

 Nick concludes: “The best part of filming was losing ourselves to Denver’s world. When you do that, it can start to feel like you’re not really filming. I was intrigued by listening to her and hearing about her hopes and worries. It helped me contextualise this huge thing that’s happened to us.

“On Thank You Day, I feel a renewed gratitude for NHS staff. I have worked with the NHS as a filmmaker, but this year my partner gave birth to our first child and I was hugely thankful for the care and love they showed us.”

Watch the video here:



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