East Dulwich residents left fuming over spate of catalytic converter thefts

Katherine Johnston (25 September, 2019)

Reported thefts across London have seen a huge rise, according to the Met


A spate of brazen catalytic converter thefts has hit East Dulwich, leaving frustrated motorists forking out hundreds for new parts.

According to residents, several cars have been targeted in the area by criminals hoping to profit from precious metals and their increasing value for scrap.

As the News reported last year, Rotherhithe was hit by a series of thefts by gangs using hydraulic machines to lift the cars in broad daylight – including several from Surrey Quay’s Tesco and one of the News’ own staff in the Biscuit Factory.

Despite a change in law in 2013 which made it illegal to pay in cash for scrap metal, catalytic converter thefts are on the rise across London.

Official Met data shows the number of reported thefts across the capital has shot up from 867 in 2015 to 2,894 from January to June of this year alone.

Police advise etching a serial number on the part as a deterrent, and to help track stolen ones, installing protective sleeves, and parking next to a kerb to prevent access.

If your converter is a ‘bolt on’ it is possible to weld them shut.


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