Ebony Horse Club riders enjoy a half-term hack to Ruskin Park

Katherine Johnston (03 June, 2019)

Did you see them out and about in Loughborough Junction?

29876Having a well-earned break

Out in Loughborough Junction

Riders from Ebony Horse Club had a special half term treat last weekend with a hack out to Ruskin Park.

The stables, based near Loughborough Junction, have been credited with building the confidence of dozens of young riders to go through their ranks as they learn riding, horse care and teamwork and communication skills.

So far, the club and its eight horses have meant children from Brixton and nearby have enjoyed 1,700 rides already this year.

The more experienced riders took part in the hack last Friday as a big thank you for their help volunteering around the stables and encouraging beginners.

Ebony Horse Club offers riding lessons to young people aged eight to eighteen, with priority given those who are most in need of support.

Anyone who knows someone who would like to learn how to ride, or wants to learn themselves, can email admin@ebonyhorseclub.org 


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