Elephant and Castle fifteen-year-old follows his inspiration to secure scholarship at Eton

Charles Harrison (28 December, 2021)

Issah says he was inspired to apply by Joshua Adeyemi - who himself was inspired by Ahmed Roble

50969Issah on a visit to Eton College

A 15 year old from an Elephant and Castle has secured a scholarship to attend Eton when he leaves school after being inspired by previous students.

Issah Sesay, from Ark Global Academy said he was inspired to go for the scholarship after reading about the success of Joshua Adeyemi, another student from Ark Global who achieved the scholarship in 2017.

“It’s not something I had originally imagined,” said Issah, “but then I read that someone else from my school, with a similar background had got in.

“I thought, it’s worth a shot.”

Joshua said to the News at the time of his scholarship that he himself had been inspired to apply after reading about Ahmed Roble from Walworth Academy.

Issah will be studying Maths, Further Maths, Biology and Chemistry for his A Levels. At the moment, he wants to go on to study Medicine at university.

“It sounds a bit cliché,” he said, when asked why he chose medicine, “but it’s the helping people bit that inspires me. Medicine combines a lot of human elements for me.”

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