Elephant and Castle shopping centre closure: How access to the Northern line and railway station is affected

Katherine Johnston (09 September, 2020)

The link bridge will also be closed on September 15-16,  for preliminary work

28786Elephant and Castle shopping centre

There will be no access to Elephant and Castle railway station or the Northern line via the shopping centre and link bridge when the complex closes at the end of this month.

From midnight on September 24, the area will be shut as the delayed five-year redevelopment begins.

Thameslink services will continue to operate as normal at the station during the work, with passengers advised they can still use the main Elephant Road entrance.  The link bridge will also be closed on September 15-16,  for preliminary work.

Customer services Director Jenny Saunders said: “The shopping centre is the usual route for our passengers to reach the underground.

“Its closure may mean it takes people a bit longer to walk but we’ll have staff on hand to help passengers find their way.”

A spokesperson for Elephant and Castle town centre said: “As part of the redevelopment of Elephant and Castle town centre we are creating a new level access into the train station from the new town centre. 

“This will replace the existing bridge which currently links the station with the shopping centre.

“The current link bridge between the station and the shopping centre cannot remain open during the redevelopment because all existing buildings on site will be demolished to make way for construction.

“There is no means to maintain a route through the existing shopping centre.

“We will continue to work closely with Govia Thameslink Railway to ensure there is minimal disruption for commuters during the closure.

“Once the development is completed commuters will have new and improved level access into the train station from the new town centre from the ground floor of the development.”

For more information www.elephantandcastletowncentre.co.uk


Sandra Lorraine says:

I hope they put in access for disabled people, because I can’t manage the stairs..it hurts so much..

diana says:

Millions of pounds and total disruption for years when they redid the roads and now there is no access to the tube . Well done Tfl , the developers and Southwark Council …another fiasco

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