Elephant and Castle man jailed after stalking and threatening to kill woman he met on dating site

Josh Salisbury (03 October, 2019) Crime In the Dock

Police said in just one day, the stalker sent his victim a terrifying 1,001 text messages after she told him they couldn't be together

32490The stalker has been jailed for twenty months after bombarding his victim with 1,000 texts in just one day

An Elephant and Castle man subjected a woman he met on a dating app to a terrifying stalking ordeal – even threatening to kill her from his jail cell.

Antonio Dimasi, from Newington Butts, met his victim, a woman in her thirties from Elmbridge, Surrey on the site earlier this year.

The pair initially hit it off, and they agreed to meet the following week for two dates.

They chatted about the victim’s interest in investing in property in Spain, and Dimasi suggested that she invest with him instead.

She is said to have began to feel uncomfortable with the 40-year-old after he was first introduced to her daughter when they went for a meal together.

They met again one more time, without her daughter, for a date on May 25, and the following day she sent him a message saying they could not be together.

Surrey Police even said Dimasi threatened to kill their officers if they stopped him from getting to his victim

Dimasi’s behaviour spiralled rapidly out of control, and he would not take no for an answer, said PC India Page of Surrey Police.

The court was told he began to threaten the victim and her daughter, saying he knew where she lived and where her daughter went to school.

Police say the stalker told his victim that he may have pumped something inside the oranges in her house, which could make her daughter sick if she ate them.

In just one day, after his victim broke things off with him, Dimasi had sent her a shocking 1,001 texts, said police. He was arrested on May 25.

But while in prison the court was told Dimasi threatened to kill the woman, and police if they got in his way – and so was also charged with threats to kill.

Yesterday (October 2) Dimasi appeared at Guildford Crown Court for sentencing after pleading guilty to his stalking.

He was handed a twenty month jail sentence for his terrifying behaviour.

“The woman was extremely brave to come forward and report this to the police, we were able to arrest Dimasi and charge him with Section 4A Stalking involving fear or violence, and remand him until his sentencing today,” said PC Page, of the force’s Safeguarding Investigation Unit yesterday.

“Stalking has a huge impact on victims and they can become hyper-vigilant, extremely fearful and anxious.

“This is not OK, and all victims have the right to go about their daily business in safety and without fear.”

Police advice if you or someone you know is being stalked
  • If you’re being stalked or harassed and you feel you’re in danger, call 999 immediately.
  • For non-urgent issues, report online or call 101. Police should arrange a convenient time to meet you and take relevant details so we can give you more specific safety advice. It’s important that you tell the officer everything that’s happened, even if you think it may sound trivial.
  • Speak to your friends and family about what’s happening.
  • Keep a diary of incidents, including what happened and how it made you feel.
  • Trust your instincts.
  • Keep all of the messages and items given to you (e.g. gifts) as evidence.
  • You can also call the National Stalking Helpline on 0808 802 0300.

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