Elephant and Castle statue ‘caged’ for repair works

Admin (16 April, 2015)

Safety hoarding has been erected around the landmark structure while 'vital maintenance' work takes place.

1794The 'caged elephant'

The bronze elephant and castle standing proudly outside the shopping centre of the same name has been caged in scaffolding this week for “vital maintenance” work.

The colourful statue was rescued from a public house on the site when the centre was first opened back in 1965.

As developers prepare to replace the centre with a ‘town centre’ and flats above in the next five years, there is still time for the pink elephant to receive a little TLC.

A spokesperson for the Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre, said: “The Elephant & Castle statue is currently undergoing some vital maintenance and a safety hoarding has been erected as a result. This project is one of many we have embarked on over the last two years to ensure that the centre remains an attractive shopping destination for all.”

Tim Wilson says:

This was made my my grandfather, Eric Harrington and his father Thomas Leonard Harrington. They were architectural metal workers.

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