Elephant and Castle shopping centre Tesco closed temporarily due to pest infestation

Josh Salisbury (26 March, 2019)

The shop said it had a team working 24 hours a day to deal with the issue and apologised for the inconvenience


The Tesco Metro inside the Elephant and Castle shopping centre has closed temporarily while the company urgently deals with pests.

The shop has been closed over the weekend and so far this week while store bosses deal with a pest control issue, which is believed to be mice.

The company told the News that it closed the store as soon as it realised it had an issue and began to take urgent action, calling in a specialist pest control expert.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “We insist on the highest standards of hygiene in our stores, so as soon as we discovered there was a problem in the area, we took the proactive decision to temporarily close our Elephant and Castle Metro store.

“We are now working together with our landlord and a specialist pest control company to take urgent steps to deal with this problem.

“We apologise to our customers for any inconvenience caused whilst the store is temporarily closed.”

The spokesperson added that a pest control team was working 24 hours a day to try and resolve the issue.

The company also said it was also attempting to liaise with the centre’s landlord and clean communal areas in a bid to rid the store of the pest issue.

Tesco bosses did not give a time-frame for when the store would re-open.

However on the store’s website, the shop is listed as being closed until at least April 1st.


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