Evacuated, hospitalised and then trapped in lift after treacherous night on Aylesbury Estate

News Desk (01 December, 2016) Housing

"Tired, cold and completely traumatised," victim said


A resident who was evacuated from the Aylesbury Estate on Tuesday due to a suspected gas leak later became trapped in a lift after returning from hospital.

Fire engines arrived after 6pm and urged four households to leave, before they were taken to hospital by the London Ambulance Service for tests.

The suspected gas leak was later discovered to be a false alarm, though the residents were taken to hospital under precaution due fire officers detecting carbon monoxide.

Beverley Robinson told the News: “Fire officers knocked on my door and told me I had to leave straight away. I was bare foot, and they told me I didn’t have time to put shoes on.”

But when Beverley returned from hospital on Wednesday morning, the lift broke down and trapped her inside.

“I was stuck inside for over an hour and it was freezing cold. So I had to be treated all over again,” Beverley said, “I am traumatised and cold. I am absolutely distraught”.

Beverley Robinson and Agnes Kabuto

Beverley Robinson and Agnes Kabuto

Beverley was told by the lift engineer who cut her free that the fault with the lift was caused by a water leak, which had affected the electrics.  She claims she had reported the water leaks to Southwark Council over four weeks ago.

The almost-empty block is one of four on the estate which could be demolished next year depending on the outcome of a court hearing which is due to conclude in April.

Stephanie Cryan, Southwark Council’s cabinet member for housing said: “I am so sorry to hear this has happened, it must have been unpleasant for the residents concerned. We are looking into what happened and will speak to residents personally to reassure them that we are dealing with it.”

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