Exclusive: Elizabeth’s gets her blue badge back

Katherine Johnston (14 November, 2018)

'Thank you to all the staff at Southwark News, and to my MP, Neil Coyle and his office for all their help'

26504Elizabeth Grace with her renewed disabled parking badge

A disabled pensioner whose parking badge was revoked after Southwark Council told her she had been ‘observed mobilising’ has shared her joy at getting her blue badge back after the News’ intervention.

As we reported last month, 74-year-old Elizabeth Grace was left devastated after finding out her parking badge would not be renewed after expiring in December, and from that point onward she would also have to pay full congestion charge.

The Bermondsey resident, who is originally from Galway and lived on the Heygate Estate for many years, has spinal stenosis, where the spinal canal narrows, plantar fasciitis, which causes foot pain and difficulty walking.

She has had knee replacement surgery and in March of this year had an invasive emergency operation on her stomach, which left her hospitalised for six weeks and in need of carers at home for three months after.

Mrs Grace appealed against the decision and on Monday, October 29, received a letter explaining her blue badge was back and will not expire until 2021.

The new badge arrived on Monday, and she delightedly came to the News’ office to share her success.

“Thank you to all the staff at Southwark News, and to my MP, Neil Coyle and his office for all their help.

“Having my badge back means that I can park in any bay in most boroughs and it is also valid in Ireland – where I go every year to pay my respects at my husband and my parents’ graves.”


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