Extinction Rebellion protester shares court statement after Waterloo Bridge blockade

Josh Salisbury (07 August, 2019)

“But what I did feels like the only thing left to try," said the protester in a statement read out to the court

29137The scene from Waterloo Bridge while it was being blockaded by protesters in April

An Extinction Rebellion protester who says she pleaded guilty for a public order offence for blockading Waterloo Bridge in April has published the statement she read out to the court.

Anthea Lawson, a 44-year-old researcher and editor from Totnes, was among nine protesters appearing at City of London Magistrates’ on Friday, August 2 for sitting on the bridge and refusing to move.

“I have not done this lightly,” she said in a blog post entitled ‘A statement to the court by a first-time lawbreaker.’

“I have felt extremely uncomfortable throughout the process of protesting, arrest, custody and now standing here before you.”

“But what I did feels like the only thing left to try. I am talking here about the existential threat posed by climate change and species extinctions to life as we know it,” she added.

The sentence was a six month conditional discharge plus court costs, she said.

April’s action saw hundreds of green protesters arrested by officers for blockading the bridge, as reported by the News.

Extinction Rebellion calls for the government enact legally binding policies to go carbon neutral by 2025 and to establish a ‘Citizen’s Assembly’ to deal with the climate change emergency.


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