Fancy a can of Peckham Pinot?

Katherine Johnston (30 June, 2018)

Peckham springs an 'urban winery' to can English-grown grapes

22906Founders of English wine brand, The Uncommon, Alex and Henry

A start-up company has set its sights on opening a new ‘urban winery’ in Peckham to can home-grown Pinot Noir.

Trendy drinks company The Uncommon  have produced the UK’s first English-grown wine in a can, retailing for £5 per 250 ml serving, and now wants to set up a ‘state of the art canning line’ in south east London complete with cans, kegs and wine on tap for punters to enjoy.

The Uncommon says its sparkling dry white wine hand-harvested twenty miles away in Surrey, and contains less sugar than Champagne or prosecco, and is made without pesticides and chemicals.

Founders Henry Connell and Alex Thraves say they want to invest in producing organic and natural English wines and to become the most sustainable wine brand in the country.

They say canned wine can help reduce wine wastage from half used bottles of fizz going flat, and that recyclable aluminium has less of a carbon footprint than glass.

Henry said he was inspired to quit his job in real estate finance to purse his dream of setting up a wine company after seeing the success of canned wine in America.

He said; “I used to live in New York and in America canned wine is readily available, as an idea was germinating, England was beating Champagne in global sparkling wine competitions so I wanted to marry the two together with the aim of shaking up the wine category in the UK whilst raising the profile of our homegrown produce.

“I asked Alex to join as the ying to my yang and we haven’t looked back since!”

The company are now seeking £25,000 of investment through crowdfunding.


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